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A new era in oral surgery!

Oral surgery has come a long way in recent years. This is especially so when it comes to dental implants. With the advent of 3-D x-rays and digital surgical software, we can plan place implants digitally before we do them in person! Let me give you an example: You are missing one of your front […]

Teeth in the News- Dental Care Reduces Respiratory Infections in the ICU

We are always pleased to pass along any oral health information to our patients and their families as we come across it in our various news sources. Simply put: we love it when we find teeth in the news!   While we don’t spend significant time in hospitals ourselves, we were still happy to hear […]

Tooth and rumors #2, IV sedation, what is it?

Welcome to Tooth and Rumors edition #2. Patients often ask us about the differences between the types of anesthesia that we can offer them. Let me take a minute just to review what the options are. 1. Local anesthesia-This is when we get the area numb with “novocaine” (we don’t actually use novocaine, but everyone […]

Tooth and rumors #1

Welcome to the first edition of tooth and rumors. Just a few quick words about some of the things that many people ask us about. Today’s question, “If I had root canal on a tooth, was the root removed?” The answer, not exactly. A tooth has a chamber inside called the pulp. This is where […]

Strawberries and Baking Soda for Whiter Teeth

You may have heard the recent claim that a mixture of fruit and baking soda applied to the teeth will whiten them dramatically, inexpensively and in a much more “organic” way than traditional bleaching methods. In particular, young adults and teens have shown themselves to be susceptible to this advice. They readily experiment with it […]

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a problem that affects nearly 40,000 people every year in the United States. Unfortunately, treatment of oral cancer has not seen much advancement in recent years. Oral cancer often starts out as a small ulcer in your mouth that doesn’t heal. This makes it hard to find, so often oral cancer can be quite […]

TMJ Pain?

  TMJ pain is a common problem. Many people have clicking, popping, and pain in their jaw joints. TMJ refers to the joint between your lower jaw and your skull, it’s just in front of your ear on each side. It’s a lot like a knee joint. There is a disk inside the joint that […]

Dentures Loose?

  Dentures are a proven, relatively simple way to replace your missing teeth. Dentures serve their purpose, but there is a better way to do it! When you lose your teeth, over time your dentures will loosen up. Without teeth, the bone will start to shrink. As the bone changes, dentures won’t fit well anymore. […]