A new era in oral surgery!


Oral surgery has come a long way in recent years. This is especially so when it comes to dental implants.
With the advent of 3-D x-rays and digital surgical software, we can plan place implants digitally before we do them in person!
Let me give you an example: You are missing one of your front teeth and want to replace it with a dental implant.
When you come to see me, we take a 3-D x-ray and an impression of your teeth. Next, I plan everything digitally. I can create a new tooth and place the implant using state of the art software, Once everything looks perfect, we create a custom made surgical guide. Now we are ready for surgery, but we have already done the hard part in half the time with more precision than ever before!
Don’t be afraid! With the help of modern technology, good old fashioned hard work and ingenuity, we can make the procedure as stress free and quick as possible!
Have a great day!
Dr. Kurt