Bar Attachment Denture: Your Questions Answered

With all the different dental treatments out there these days it’s hard to keep track of what might be the best option for you. If you currently wear dentures or are missing all of the teeth on your top or bottom jaw, then Bar Attachment Denture dental implants are most likely the right choice. Bar Attachment Denture dental implants are different than dentures in that they are a permanent set of teeth that do not require removing. They look and feel like real teeth and tend to be much easier to deal with than dentures. Let me answer some common questions about what Bar Attachment Denture really involves:


Bar Attachment DentureHow are Bar Attachment Denture dental implants different than traditional implants?

Whereas in the past, implants for a whole row of teeth used anywhere from six to eight implants, Bar Attachment Denture (you guessed it!) only uses four implants. This means less time spent in surgery and a more comfortable experience for you.

Who is the best candidate for Bar Attachment Denture?

If you’re already wearing dentures and find them to be uncomfortable, you are a prime candidate for this procedure. If you’re missing teeth and can’t decide between dentures or implants, I urge you to continue reading and give us a call to schedule a consultation. In either case, if you’re missing your natural teeth, Bar Attachment Denture is in most cases the most favored treatment.

Is it a painful procedure?

Most of our patients who have received Bar Attachment Denture implants have described the procedure as being relatively painless. We will discuss all the anesthesia options available to you during your consultation and monitor your vital signs during the entire procedure.

Are there any foods, drinks, or medications that I need to avoid before the procedure?

We will discuss all the medications you use during your consultation and let you know if there are any you should stop taking before the procedure. We may ask you to stop taking medications like blood thinners a few weeks before your scheduled procedure. If we decide that sedation is the best option for you during the surgery, you won’t be able to consume any food or drinks, including water, eight hours prior to the procedure.

I encourage you to give us a call if you’re unhappy with your dentures or if you are in the process of deciding between dentures and Bar Attachment Denture. I hope to speak with you soon!