Dentures Loose?

Facts About Modern Bone Grafting


Dentures are a proven, relatively simple way to replace your missing teeth. Dentures serve their purpose, but there is a better way to do it!
When you lose your teeth, over time your dentures will loosen up. Without teeth, the bone will start to shrink. As the bone changes, dentures won’t fit well anymore. Dentures start to loosen up and become uncomfortable and difficult to eat with.
Eventually, there may be so little bone that you can’t wear any dentures at all!
The solution?
Dental implants.
Dental implants can be placed to help hold dentures in place. Implants will help to preserve the bone and prevent it from shrinking. Implants will also help to keep dentures from moving and sliding around. You can eat like you used to!
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Wishing everyone the best in the New Year!
Dr. Kurt