Should I stop taking my medication before my surgery?

We often see patients who are taking numerous medications. Patient’s often are unsure if their medications will interfere with their oral surgery. Luckily, most medications do not cause any problem and are safe to continue taking before and after you have oral surgery. You should never take it upon yourself to stop taking your prescription medication unless your doctor directs you to do so. This is a common issue when patients are taking blood thinner medications, such as Coumadin or Plavix. These medications help to prevent serious problems such as a stroke, so you should never stop them unless your medical doctor instructs you to. In most situations, we can safely perform oral surgery while you are still taking blood thinner medications. We will speak with your medical doctor if necessary, but you can usually continue taking your medications without the need to stop them at all. When you come in for your consultation, we will discuss this in detail, so always try and bring a list of your medications along.