Tooth and rumors #2, IV sedation, what is it?


Welcome to Tooth and Rumors edition #2. Patients often ask us about the differences between the types of anesthesia that we can offer them. Let me take a minute just to review what the options are.

1. Local anesthesia-This is when we get the area numb with “novocaine” (we don’t actually use novocaine, but everyone recognizes the name)
2. Laughing gas-aka nitrous oxide-Laughing gas helps you to relax and helps relieve anxiety. Laughing gas is used in combination with local anesthesia.
3.IV sedation-IV sedation is when we give intravenous medication. The medications we use are strong sedatives. They make you very sleepy. Patients under sedation are very relaxed and generally unaware of the procedure. There is also very little memory of the procedure afterwards. After sedation takes effect, we will give local anesthesia to make everything numb. IV sedation is similar to the anesthesia that is used for colonoscopies.  The medications that we use are very safe and the effects can be reversed if necessary.  IV sedation is a good option if you are very anxious or nervous about having your treatment performed.   We use numerous safety monitors and everyone in the office is trained in proper safety measures.  Safety and patient comfort are always our top priorities!

I hope that helps answer your questions, have a great day!